Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my very first post :)

hey, this is my new blog. I created a blog because everyday i read people's blog but not mine. So,  I think with this space, I will be able to write, express, anything here. Agak geram jugak tadi sebab salah captcha dekat 5 kali and the last captcha berbunyi 'fedlp' mcm pronounced fedup kan? haha tau tau je mr. blogger :D

So, a piece about myself, I'm a Muslim, alhamdulillah, a foundation student and still learning about what life is. Hopefully, i can catch up with everyhing in life faster because time flies very fast. Don't you think so? Life keeps going on even you don't feel ready to face it. So, be ready in whatever obstacles you will face later in life. learn every lesson you get and always pray to Allah SWT, hope everything will go smoothly. insyaAllah.

My life as a student is fine and okay. My timetable is quite free, thats why I have free time to blog :D but still a lot of assignment need to be done :P its okaaay, chill la cha, esok kan ada, haha. eh its 2am already. I've been not sleeping since yesterday's morning, memang laaaaa kan. been busy with class and some events conducted by my universuty. till here peeps. salam and nites!

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